Wimbledon 2014 Dates

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Wimbledon Dates 2014 – Looking Ahead at the Schedule

wimbledon 2014 dates

Wimbledon Tennis 2014 Dates

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Making Future Plans

Looking ahead at Wimbledon in 2014 is maybe some time away. Yet, you have to make your plans early if you want to fully enjoy the event and festivities.

First through Third Rounds of Competition

The wimbledon 2014 schedule runs from June 23rd to July 6th, with the first round of the men’s and ladies’ singles competitions being played on the Centre Court, Court 1, Court 2, and outside courts from Monday June 23rd to Tuesday June 24th.

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Second round competitions take place from June 25th to June 26th while third round matches are held Friday and Saturday, June 27th and June 28th.

Taking a Breather before the Fourth Round of Play

Tennis fans and competitors take a breather on Sunday June 29th.The fourth round of singles play resumes on Monday, June 30th.

Final Rounds of Play

On Tuesday, July 1st, fans can witness the ladies’ quarter finals on the Centre Court and Court 1 and see the men’s singles quarter finals on the following day on the same two courts. One July 3rd, the ladies’ singles semi-finals will be held on the Centre Court and the 4th of July will mark the men’s singles semi-finals event, also taking place on the Centre Court.

Singles and Doubles final competitions will take place on the Centre Court on the weekend of July 5th and 6th. On the final three days of the competition, Court 1 will feature a full programme of activities, including veteran and junior matches and, possibly, championship doubles semi-finals play.

Tour Packages

You can better decide on the schedule you want to follow by talking to a travel agent about a Wimbledon travel package. Packages for Wimbledon can include 5-star accommodations, including buffet breakfast and even tickets to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. You can choose from opening round play or elect to view semi and finals’ competitions.

A Little Bit about the History of the Wimbledon Tournament

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is, by far, the largest and most prestigious summer event. It’s distinctive in the fact that the play is held on grass, which was the traditional and original playing surface. Lasting two weeks from June to July, the tournament has been held each year, since 1877, at London’s All England Club. The Wimbledon event is also referred to as the British Open or the Wimbledon Championships.

The First Wimbledon Match

The first Wimbledon tournament only featured one event, or the Gentlemen’s singles. The first winner for that game was Spencer Gore. Tickets to watch the match were just a shilling and consisted of only 200 spectators. Wimbledon tennis rules from that time have remained basically unchanged. Just a few changes were made concerning the height of the posts and net and the distance from the net and service line.

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